AJ's Auto

How Our System Works

How Our System Works AJ's Auto is always jam packed with safe economical cars. Stop by today and pick one out for yourself!

Everybody's Approved... Guaranteed!

The process is easy!

Simply let us know which vehicle you'd like and we'll put it on hold for you. We won't even take a down-payment until you're ready to pick it up!

We'll give you a checklist of the following items that you'll need to take care of while we send the car off to get safetied and e-tested. This will usually take between 3 and 5 business days.

- Valid Driver's License
- Proof of Insurance
- Reference contact information (can be family or friend)

After you're done that, and the car has passed the safety and e-test, stop by the office to drop off the down-payment, and as soon as you get back from the licensing office to pick up your plates, you'll be good to go!

Give us a call today at 519-245-3541

Down-payment must be cash, money order or certified cheque. The price of the vehicle will determine the length of the lease. There are no penalties for paying the lease out early. There is a $400 buy out option at the end of the lease.